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Funny story; celebrities at the peak of their career throwing punches over some meaningless beef 🍖, well thats what some think about the clash of titans between davido ( David Adeleke) and burna boy (Damini Ebunoluwa) popular Nigerian/international singers


Here is a point of view, two artist with diverse point of view, philosophy, morals and background trying to defend what they think is right. From a stand point, burna boy who has been trying to impose his ideals on davido for a while trolling him about him not being an actual superstar because of the wealth of his father, it’s like the Adeleke curse.

Video below shows proof of the bants burna boy dropped on davido.


Well we can’t say davido didn’t do anything to get some thrash talk from burna boy. According to some sources on Twitter davido self acclaimed he and wizkid as the giants in naija music industry, that along with other ticks from davido maybe got to burna.


Wizkid know better than to get involved in their fight, knowing they are both his friends and getting involved would just end in a three way.

The verbal shots fired at davido are unfair and uncalled for from burna boy, making davido seem irrelevant in his journey to fame. Like he has no name without “Adeleke” which is not totally true.


Burna boy should look forward in his career and stop looking sideways because he ain’t got no competition on his lane. Jealousy and prideful talks is the downfall of a king.


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Made ThePlug
4 months ago

It’s really just a crazy thing to fight your fellow artists